Delivery : 

Orders are delivered to the address indicated by the customer in the"address" part of the order which is also displayed on the order form. 

All our products leave our premises in perfect condition. If a parcel arrives damaged (even a small trace of impact), crushed or otherwise, the customer must report it to the carrier/factor. 

Any products declared damaged, and not reported at the time of delivery of the package / envelope will not be accepted.

To ensure your warranty with tracked shipments, please take a video when opening your package / envelope, sending us this video if damaged products ,they will be returned to you. Without video and therefore proof from you, no warranty will be applicable. The guarantee for products damaged by the postal service applies only to tracked shipments.

No guarantee applies for the green letter delivery (which is free in Metropolitan France). 

Moreover the refund or return of order if this one gets lost during its transport is guaranteed only for the followed sending. 

For any shipment delays may occur. If you have not received your letter/package 7 days (for France) after your shipping notice, please contact us. For the rest of the world, if your package has still not arrived after one month, please contact us. 

We decline any responsibility as for the extension of the delivery times because of the carrier, in particular in the event of loss of the products, bad weather or strike.

Payment :

Payment is made by credit card, Paypal account, cheque (in France only) and bank transfer.

For payment by cheque (France only): Please send us the cheque payable to Lucie Burckel Les cartes de Lulu as well as the order summary. 

at the following address:

Burckel Lucie

Les cartes de Lulu

1 rue de la croix


Upon receipt of your check, your order will be shipped.

For bank transfers, here is the RIB :

Recipient: Lucie Burckel Les cartes de Lulu

1 rue de la croix


Bank: Crédit Mutuel de Kaltenhouse

Bank code: 10278

Counter code: 01801

Account Number: 00020429501

RIB Key: 90


IBAN: EN76 1027 8018 0100 0204 2950 190


Upon receipt of the transfer, your order will be shipped.