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10 Mini cards to plant "Félicitation"

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10 "Félicitation" mini seeded cards 

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10 Mini cards "Félicitation" Create with 100% biodegradable paper filled with seeds, just plant them under a little soil, water them and pretty flowers will grow! 

10 nice mini cards (8,5 x5,5 cm) 

Perfect to add with the wrapping of a gift! 

"Put the paper in a pot or in your garden on earth. Cover it with a thin layer of soil about 2cm. Water a little each day and observe the first seeds germinate after one week.

For best results, we recommend planting outdoors from mid-May to October and indoors throughout the year. Don't forget to bring it lots of light, heat and water."


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8.5 x 5.5 cm
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