But who is behind Les cartes de Lulu? 

It's me, Lulu better known as Lucie, 20 years old and passionate about postcards! 

Where does this project come from? 

Postcrosseuse for almost two years, and fan of exchange on instagram, I could see a real demand for French illustrator cards, which are often collected, but also used to decorate kitchens and rooms. 

Where is the headquarters 

It is quite simple, the head office is located in a small Alsatian village, in France with more cows than inhabitants! 

I love the idea of postcard that you can plant and have a shop, how does it works? 

Super easy, just send me an email lucie@lescartesdelulu.fr and I will get back to you!

Other questions? Feel free to send me an e-mail, I'll be super happy to answer!